“The very best in Scottish wedding entertainers” Word's Out magazine on 21 Red.

OK – so you are looking for a band for your wedding? Quite simply 21 Red is THE Scottish wedding group. They are the longest established function band in Scotland, having played for over 20 years without a change in line-up (ask any band to beat that.) They have the best singer in the business; not just better than other 'wedding singers', better than many 'pro's' too. All wedding bands boast about the variety of material they can play but very few are more versatile than 21 Red. Not only that, they actually make it sound authentic and right. From Swing to Ceilidh, Oldies to Chart, Pop to Rock – they do it all, they do it live and they do it right.

Trust 21 Red, they know what they're doing!

Every wedding is different; most likely your wedding will be a mixture of people and ages – Bride & Groom and friends, parents and other family members. Maybe some from places around the world. 21 Red have something for everyone. And they'll keep that dance floor moving too.

So, come take a look and see what 21 Red can do for you.